April 15, 2009

3 Palms Existing Conditions and Proposed Work

by: Taz Loomans


Blooming Rock’s first project!  We purchased a great foreclosed block duplex and are now in the process of revitalizing it.  This duplex is located near Thomas Rd. and 16th St. which is in keeping with our commitment to work in Central Phoenix.

The building has some very nice block details which are ripe for accenting.  Proposed work:  Paint exterior building, find a way to accent block details, colors to be determined.  Clean up weeds in front yard, add dg, and add some sculptural metal pieces along with possibly some desert drought-resistant plants such  as prickly pears and/or agave.

Proposed work:  Recycle security doors, replace window covering with unbleached cloth curtains, recycle existing front door, replace with new steel door, paint door.

Below is the living room of unit 1849.  Check out the beautiful stained concrete floors!  Proposed work:  Repaint with low or no VOC paints, replace existing base board, try to repair imperfections in concrete.  I do like that blue color with the stained concrete, new colors might be similar to existing!

Unfortunately, unit 1847 does NOT have stained concrete floors.  It has drab VCT!  Also, someone tried to mount a ceiling fan to this ceiling and it fell and tore the ceiling.  Proposed work:  Remove VCT, grind down the floors and stain the concrete.  Repaint with low or no VCT paints, replace existing baseboards and repair the ceiling.

The bedrooms, there are two, are in good shape in both units.  Proposed work: repaint with low or no VOC paints, replace existing baseboards, recycle existing ceiling fan and replace with an energy efficient fixture.  Possibly restain the doors with low or no VOC stains.

The bathtub in both units is in great shape but we are proposing to redo everything else.  Proposed work:  Repair shower door, replace light fixture with an EnergyStar fixture, recycle existing mirror and replace with new one, add medicine cabinet, replace toilet with a WaterSense toilet, replace sink with a pedestal sink, replace sink faucet with a WaterSense faucet, replace bath faucet (couldn’t find a WaterSense for the bath faucet!)  We are also proposing to recycle the other existing accessories and replace with new ones.

The kitchen cabinets in both units are original and beautiful!  Both kitchens have original ovens and hoods as well which we are proposing to keep.  Vintage!  Proposed work:  Replace countertops with a countertop made of sustainable materials, replace kitchen faucet with more efficient fixture, repaint with low or no VOC paints, add cork backsplash, recycle existing refrigerator and replace with an Energy Star refrigerator, replace existing stovetop and replace with a new one.  Remove VCT, grind down floors and stain concrete.

Currently, there is an extension in the back of both units with plumbing and electrical connections for a washer and dryer.  Proposed work:  Add front-loading Energy Star washing machine and provide a clothes line in lieu of a dryer.  We are also proposing to add a back patio cover with a wood structure and a corrugated metal deck.  The clothes line will be installed underneath this cover so that it will be in shade.

There is already a patio cover in the back of unit 1849, but we are removing the wood lattice and adding a corrugated metal deck.  We are also recycling all the chain link fencing around the property and adding corrugated metal sheets.

There are these metal sheds in the back yard of both units.  Although they provide storage space, they are beat up and they block the view to the back yard.  Proposed work:  Remove and recycle metal sheds.

The back yard is a bit of a mess. Proposed work:  clean up the weeds, add dg, possibly add some desert drought-resistant plants.  Also, we would be willing to work with a prospective client to build a raised bed food garden.

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