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Blooming Rock Book Club Meeting - Street Fight by Janette Sadik-Khan

Our next book is the recently released Street Fight: Handbook for Urban Revolution by Janette Sadik-Khan.

“Breaking the street into its component parts, Streetfight demonstrates, with step-by-step visuals, how to rewrite the underlying “source code” of a street, with pointers on how to add protected bike paths, improve crosswalk space, and provide visual cues to reduce speeding. Achieving such a radical overhaul wasn’t easy, and Streetfight pulls back the curtain on the battles Sadik-Khan won to make her approach work. She includes examples of how this new way to read the streets has already made its way around the world, from pocket parks in Mexico City and Los Angeles to more pedestrian-friendly streets in Auckland and Buenos Aires, and innovative bike-lane designs and plazas in Austin, Indianapolis, and San Francisco. Many are inspired by the changes taking place in New York City and are based on the same techniques. Streetfight deconstructs, reassembles, and reinvents the street, inviting readers to see it in ways they never imagined.” – JSK Website

We will be meeting on Tuesday August 2, 2016 at Piccolo City Park at 6:30pm. Now that it’s summer time, we can enjoy outdoor venues! Please bring a blanket to sit on.

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