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Blooming Rock Book Club Meeting - How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand

Our next book is the classic How Buildings Learn by Steward Brand.

“Stewart Brand’s 1994 book How Buildings Learn was a breath of fresh air. He introduced the concept of “shearing layers of change”- that different parts of buildings age at different rates, causing buildings to constantly change and evolve. There are six “S”s- site, which is eternal; Structure, which can last hundreds of years; skin, perhaps 20 (although brick is pretty eternal) Services, the electrical and mechanical, 7 to 15, space plan, the interior layout in commercial space can be as little as 3 years; and stuff, the crap we bring in, “things that twitch around monthly.”” – Treehugger

We will be meeting on Tuesday June 28, 2016 at O’Bryant Square at 6:30pm. We are breaking from our regular meeting spots – Behind the Museum Cafe and Palio Dessert and Espresso because of popular demand to inhabit and analyze O’Bryant Square according to last month’s book selection – William Whyte’s The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces.

See you there!

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