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Blooming Rock Book Club Meeting - Dark Age Ahead by Jane Jacobs

The May selection of the Blooming Rock Book Club is the last book Jane Jacobs wrote, Dark Age Ahead.

“In Dark Age Ahead, Jane Jacobs identifies five pillars of our culture that we depend on but which are in serious decline: community and family; higher education; the effective practice of science; taxation and government; and self-policing by learned professions. The decay of these pillars, Jacobs contends, is behind such ills as environmental crisis, racism and the growing gulf between rich and poor; their continued degradation could lead us into a new Dark Age, a period of cultural collapse in which all that keeps a society alive and vibrant is forgotten.” – Penguin Random House Canada

We’ll be meeting on Tuesday May 19th at 6:30pm at the Belmont Library Meeting Room. See you then!

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