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Tweet 1.  How Stardust Building Supplies got started: The stars aligned and two guys who had the same idea at the same time came together and went for it.  The first guy, an investment banker, saw his neighbor remodeling his home.  He noticed that his neighbor was tossing perfectly good cabinets in the dumpster.  When he was driving out and about, through poorer neighborhoods, he thought, what a shame, these people could really have used those cabinets! The second guy was demolishing his house to build a new one.  The day he and his wife were moving out, their maid…

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April 15, 2009

3 Palms Existing Conditions and Proposed Work

by: Taz Loomans

Tweet Blooming Rock’s first project!  We purchased a great foreclosed block duplex and are now in the process of revitalizing it.  This duplex is located near Thomas Rd. and 16th St. which is in keeping with our commitment to work in Central Phoenix. The building has some very nice block details which are ripe for accenting.  Proposed work:  Paint exterior building, find a way to accent block details, colors to be determined.  Clean up weeds in front yard, add dg, and add some sculptural metal pieces along with possibly some desert drought-resistant plants such  as prickly pears and/or agave. Proposed…

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