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Tweet As I mentioned yesterday, there was some strong disagreement in the historic preservation community about my post Why Not All Buildings Should be Saved.  It’s important to hear all points of view on this subject and have a constructive discussion about it.  Below is Jim McPherson’s point of view about the Leighton Knipe house and historic preservation in Phoenix.  Jim is a respected leader in the community.  He serves on the board of the Arizona Preservation Foundation and is the winner of the 28th Annual Governor’s Heritage Preservation Grand Award.  He reminds us that we already have a strong…

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Tweet Last week I posted my point of view about why not all old buildings should be saved.  I used the Leighton Knipe house as an example of an old building that isn’t necessarily worth fighting for.  But a few people in the historic preservation community disagreed with me.  One of the people who’s spoken out about the Leighton Knipe house is Bob Graham, a local architect doing important work in historic preservation and other urban projects. I interviewed Bob to get his point of view about why he thinks this building is important and why it should be saved:…

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May 31, 2010

Why not All Old Buildings Should be Saved

by: Taz Loomans

Tweet This weekend, the Phoenix Historic Neighborhood Coalition (PHNC) released the Most enDangered Dozen.  It’s a list of local historic buildings in danger of being torn down, some because they are in blighted neighborhoods, some because they themselves are in terrible condition and some because their owners have foreclosed.  In other words, these properties are on the verge of being sold to some very enterprising but potentially culturally insensitive people that will likely tear these buildings down. The buildings that made this list elicited different reactions from me.  With some of them like the Art Deco Professional Building and Al…

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