July 17, 2011

What’s All the Haboob About?

by: Taz Loomans

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The haboob last week was a sight to see! Thankfully it didn’t do much damage, but it did start me thinking about the intensity of the dust storm and the fact that so little rain was associated with it here in Phoenix.

I wrote a series exploring the haboob and its possible connections to urbanization for Firefly Living.

Take a look:

What’s All the Haboob About? Part I


What’s All the Haboob About? Part II

Photo Credit: Photo of the July 2011 haboob by Daniel Bryant.


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  1. Will Novak says:

    Interesting pieces. I wonder if the original Rio Salado project had happened (extending Tempe Town Lake west to say 27th Ave) if it would’ve helped with the Urban Heat Island and with dust control. It seems to me like a big river through the City with a large riparian area on both shores would help with the dust and the heat island, but I don’t know for sure…

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