Last week I had the honor of interviewing one of my all-time favorite architects in the Valley, one of my heroes, Eddie Jones.  Below are video segments of the first half of our interview.  I hope you’ll be as inspired  and thrilled as I was when you watch.

Part I: Architects that have had the most influence on Eddie:


Part II: Eddie on how his work responds to the local context and what sustainability means to him:


Stay tuned for the second half of my interview with Eddie tomorrow!


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11 Responses

  1. Will Novak says:

    Terrific interview Taz. Eddie Jones is my favorite working/living architect in AZ right now, I think the stuff Jones studio puts out is just brilliant.

    However I do wish the Eddie Jones’, Wendell Burnettes and Will Bruders of the world did more projects for the every man. Big institutional buildings, libraries, mansions, et cetera are all well and good, but I’d love to see them do more affordable housing for the middle class.

    I wish the current giants of AZ architecture would take a page out of the past and look to people like Ralph Haver, Al Beadle, etc. and pursue more tract housing type projects. The vast majority of structures built in the Valley are new single family homes, and it seems less and less of them are being designed with quality in mind. How awesome would it be to see a whole subdivision of Eddie Jones’ designed homes?

    Perhaps its that developers and homebuilders are no longer interested in hiring quality architects and less a decision by the architects themselves.

    • Taz Loomans says:

      Glad you enjoyed it Will! And excellent thoughts about having our premier architects involved in tract housing, like they were in the post-war era. Maybe it’ll happen again someday, and yes, it would be totally awesome!

  2. Nicely done! Looking forward to future “vologging”…

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