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The latest news on the Arizona Appliance Rebate Program is the confirmation that you can’t buy your appliance before April 12, 2010 if you want to participate in the rebate program.  But this doesn’t mean you have to sit idle between now and April 12.  Use this time to research and price out the appliance you want and get ready to apply for the reservation on April 12.  You’ll be able to make your reservation on the phone or through a website, but neither the phone number or website have been released yet.  I’ll post those as soon as they are announced.

Yesterday’s blog post focused on clothes washers eligible for the rebate. Today we’re going to focus on the dishwashers eligible for
the rebate in case that’s what you want to buy for your home.

Just like the clothes washer rebate, there are two categories of rebates:

1. If your dishwasher uses less than 324 kWh/year AND uses less than to 5.8 gallons per cycle you qualify for a rebate of $75. These are the minimum standards for an Energy Star rating.

2. If your dishwasher uses less than 307 kWh/year AND less than 5.0 gallons per cycle you qualify for a rebate of $125.

As you can see, the rebate focuses both on energy usage and water usage. And much like the clothes washer rebate, you can pretty
easily pick out a dishwasher that is eligible for a $75 rebate just by looking for the Energy Star label.

If you want the $125 rebate, however, you have to work a little harder. The first piece – the kWh/year number – is available on front and back of the EnergyGuide card that is usually on top of the appliance or inside it at most appliance stores.

But the water usage will NOT be listed anywhere on or inside the appliance and this is where you have to do your research ahead of time. Here’s the Energy Star website which lists dishwashers and their kWH/year and water usage in gallons per cycle so you can arm yourself with this information before you go shopping.

Tomorrow I’ll go over what water heaters qualify for the Arizona Appliance Rebate Program.

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