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August 31, 2010

Mayor Gordon on his Legacy to Phoenix

by: Taz Loomans

Tweet This morning, I had the honor of sitting down with City of Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and asking him a few questions about future urban development and sustainability.  I had asked readers to send me questions to ask the Mayor and I got many really good ones.  Unfortunately, the Mayor’s morning was a particularly busy one and I was only able to speak to him for a short time.  But I tried to touch on the topics that matter to my readers  in the short time I did have with him. Below is our conversation: Blooming Rock: Would you…

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Tweet Have you heard about the $25 mil grant the City of Phoenix received in partnership with ASU and APS as part of the Stimulus Bill?  You need to know about this! This grant is intended to make the Green Rail Corridor into a model of energy efficiency and sustainability.  Now what part of town is this Corridor?  Here’s a map of the area that they’re including in the Green Rail Corridor: (As an aside, this map provided by the City of Phoenix Planning Department is pretty cryptic and you have to work hard to figure it out.  I’m looking…

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