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Tweet Circle K is proposing a new 16-bay location on the southeast corner of Roosevelt and 7th Street. There will be a public meeting regarding a use permit for the alcohol sales of this new Circle K tomorrow, Thursday September 27th, at 9am at Assembly Room C of the Phoenix City Hall on 200 W. Washington Street. Kevin Rille, President of the Evans Churchill Community Association, is concerned about this new Circle K in his neighborhood. Below, he tells us why: Blooming Rock: Do you think that the proposed Circle K is good for the neighborhood? Kevin Rille: It was…

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August 10, 2011

Sensitive Siting vs. a Turd on a Lot

by: Taz Loomans

Tweet On my way between Red Mountain and 3 Palms, I drive on Indian School between 16th Street and 11th Avenue a lot. I’ve been watching as the gay bar Padlock (which admittedly was a horrendous building) was torn down and in it’s place a Panda Express is being erected. What strikes me about this Panda Express building, which I’m tempted to refer to as the Turd, is that it’s tiny compared to the huge site it’s on. This is similar to my complaint about the Circle K down the street that was constructed last year. A veritable alter to…

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Tweet I’ve been driving by this new building in construction the past few months.   It’s on 11th St. and Indian School.  My first thought when I found out what it was was – oh great, all we need in this city is another Circle K. There’s hardly anything getting built nowadays and for good reason, we have way too many existing buildings waiting to be reused.  And one of the few new buildings is a Circle K – a brand new gas station and convenience store?  Convenience gas stations are, as you might know, the bane of our Phoenix urban…

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