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Tweet Today’s post is a continuation of yesterday’s – a conversation with architect John Kane, the principal of Architekton who was behind the sustainable and beautiful Tempe Transportation Center and the audacious and amazing Tempe Center for the Arts. If you missed Part I, catch it here. Most big-name architects have a big ego and downplay collaboration.  Not John Kane. This is what he has to say about it: “The idea of how to work collaboratively is a really fun one.  How to include the consultants and the clients much earlier on in the process to do sustainable projects (is…

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March 14, 2011

Map got your tongue?

by: Jim McPherson

Tweet Prepare yourself for a lot of tan with a bit of green background, courtesy of Google Maps. I am not an employee of Google nor do I play one on TV. I do not own Google stock out-right — dang it! — but I may have a few shares in the bowels of some mutual fund I hold. With that said, I enjoy making Google Maps because I’ve been a fan of maps and flags of countries since childhood. Thank you National Geographic. And it’s true, a picture is worth a thousand words. You’re now reading Blooming Rock, “Your…

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Tweet The Castaway House Project Synopsis: Address: 3932 E. Fairmount Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85018 An existing 1000sf painted concrete masonry house, stripped to the studs, “thrown away” by a speculative owner during the economic downturn creating a blight in the neighborhood.  The Ranch Mine acquired the property with investor Cycle Development in the hopes of revitalizing not only the house, but restoring life and vibrancy to the neighborhood.  In collaboration, The Ranch Mine and Blooming Rock will completely renovate the existing building and add about 900 sf to the house, while creating an exceptional desert outdoor space. Project Mission: Inclusivity:…

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December 21, 2010

Good News for Energy in 2011 from the New Tax Bill

by: Taz Loomans

Tweet Many of the federal tax benefits for clean energy and energy efficiency were due to come to an end on December 31.  This was bad news for the green economy because these benefits are often what grease the wheels of clean energy and energy efficiency companies.  When these benefits expire, green energy companies suffer, contract or go out of business, taking countless green jobs with them.  Below is a list of 4 items that are seeing a benefit extension for another year which bodes well for the green economy (at least for another year): The Treasury Grant Program, a…

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