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Tweet When I asked a few of my friends here in Portland if they knew who Paolo Soleri is, they said no. When I tried to jog their memory by mentioning Arcosanti, I was met with a blank stare and still had no luck. Some of these friends were even architects or in the building industry and they didn’t know Paolo Soleri. I found this to be tragic. I think everyone should know who Paolo Soleri is, not just in Arizona, but all over the world. He was such a visionary and an uncompromising original. Yes, he worked under Frank…

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Tweet Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the screening of Great Expectations: A Journey Through the History of Visionary Architecture by No Festival Required, a movie documenting the crazy, other-worldly, and incredibly imaginative ideas for cities by true visionaries. Alison King, the founder of Modern Phoenix, gave a fittingly inspiring and itself a visionary talk before the film which I feel should be shared with more people beyond those who attended the movie last Saturday. Here it is: “Thank you all so much for coming out for film today, and for helping us kick off Modern Phoenix Week….

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December 14, 2010

What Would Paolo Soleri Do?

by: Taz Loomans

Tweet “The mechanisms channeling life positively may consist of the replacement of comfort and security by joy.” – Paolo Soleri in his book Arcology: The City in the Image of Man This weekend was the public dedication of the bridge designed by Paolo Soleri in Scottsdale on the Waterfront.  I attended a special VIP reception before the public dedication and snapped a photo of the man himself.  The next day, I attended a lecture on Organic Architecture by Alan Hess and a panel discussion on Soleri’s Principles in Action that included Will Bruder, John Munier, Jeffrey Stein and Peter Zweig,…

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