October 25, 2011

Placemaking in a Sustainable Urban Core Lecture

by: Taz Loomans

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Tomorrow is the Placemaking in a Sustainable Urban Core lecture, the first in a fall/spring series called Sustainable Communities Lecture Series organized by Women Design Arizona and Blooming Rock.

The purpose of the lecture series is to bring key sustainability issues in Phoenix, such as urban real estate development, the canals, Latino Urbanism and urban farming to the attention of the general public. The idea behind the lecture series is to raise awareness, to educate and to empower the people of Phoenix about these critical issues in order to help make our city a better place.

Through the Sustainable Communities Lecture Series, we are trying hard to bring a multi-sector approach to each of the issues I mentioned above. In our first lecture, about sustainable urban development in Phoenix, we have put together a powerful panel from the government, non-profit, private and grassroots sectors.

Our panel for the Placemaking in a Sustainabile Urban Core lecture includes:

Carol Johnson
City of Phoenix Planning and Development

Shannon Scutari
Sustainable Communities Working Group

Feliciano Vera
Habitat Metro

Lorenzo Perez
Venue Projects

Greg Esser
Roosevelt Row CDC

They are each going to address these questions:

1. How do you define sustainable development and placemaking?

2. What are the challenges we’re facing in regards to sustainable development and placemaking in our urban core?

3. What are you doing to forward sustainable development and placemaking in our urban core?

The lecture will take place at the Phoenix Public Market, a place that we consider to be at the epicenter of sustainable urban development in Phoenix. Plus we are happy to be sharing the evening with Food Truck Wednesdays where you can buy a variety of delicious food and drinks and support some of the local vendors as well.

Starting time is at 6pm. Please allow extra time for your commute if you are driving, because there is road construction associated with the 1st Street and Pierce streetscape improvements that are in progress. The only entry into the Public Market is from McKinley and you can access it only coming from the west side on McKinley.

Tickets cost $5 and you can register here. All proceeds go towards helping to make the Sustainable Communities Lecture Series possible.

Photo Credit: Public art in a traffic-calming roundabout in the Mitchell Park East neighborhood in Tempe. Photo by the author.

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  1. Nicole U says:

    I love that pic – it’s my Tempe Mill/Ash hood! Great subject matter, happy this is a series. Looking forward to hearing the speakers!

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