Read my post on the newly revived Vanishing Phoenix blog about the City of Phoenix’s Adaptive Reuse Code and it’s role in getting Filmbar Phoenix approved:

FilmBar Phoenix is Approved – the Adaptive Reuse Code in Action

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  1. […] Market, where micro-enterprise gets developed, and a familiar face is always expected, or, at the FilmBar, an independent movie theater that shows foreign films, documentaries and independent movies, while […]

  2. […] agreed w/Neely on procurement code. We need to be smart about our bldg codes. Adaptive reuse code is […]

  3. […] Due to budget cuts, the Office of Customer Advocacy at the City of Phoenix was eliminated for a while. This office was indispensible to small businesses and individuals trying to navigate through City processes to get approvals to build or renovate their projects. I used the help of this office as the architect on Filmbar. […]

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