February 22, 2010

Why you need a Metal Roof if you live in Phoenix

by: Taz Loomans


Metal roofs are one of my favorite roofs because aesthetically-speaking they are so beautiful.  But whether you agree with me or not about the beauty of a metal roof, there are a few other great qualities of a metal roof I’d like you to consider if you’re thinking of replacing your roof.

The Heat-Island Effect

We all know that we have a terrible problem with the Heat-Island effect here in Phoenix.  It occurs in cities with large areas of paved surfaces, including dark absorbent roofs that absorb heat during the day and emit it back into the atmosphere, making our nights and days warmer.  Talk to anyone who’s lived here a long time and they will tell you that it actually used to cool down at night during the summer.  But now our nights are very warm and our daytime temperatures are hotter than ever mostly as a direct result of the heat-island effect caused by the burgeoning growth in the roads, parking lots and dark roofs in Phoenix.

Metal roofs have a high solar reflectance and a high thermal emittance.  The high solar reflectance means that the roof helps reflect sunlight and heat away from your home, reducing roof temperatures and your cooling load.  High thermal emittance means that your metal roof can release absorbed heat very quickly so it doesn’t build up to be released later.  Together these two properties can help a metal roof stay 50-60 degrees F cooler than a conventional asphalt shingle roof in the peak of summer.

Energy Efficiency

Here in Phoenix, we want to make sure that our roof is reflecting the heat away from our homes and also that it’s releasing the absorbed heat quickly back into the atmosphere rather than building up.  A painted or granular-coated metal roof is best for our climate as a opposed to an unpainted metal roof which has a low thermal emittance and is better for cold climates where you want to retain the heat in the buiding.

There is a Federal Tax Credit for installing a cool metal roof in your home for 30% of the cost of the materials up to $1500.  But you have to do it before the end of the year to qualify for this incentive.

And did you know a metal roof is one of the best roofs on which to install solar panels?


Metal roofs are less susceptible to harsh weather, specifically the blazing sun here in Phoenix.  Metal roofs don’t contract and expand in the heat as much as other roofing materials and they’ll easily last more than 30 years.

Recyled Content and Recyclability

Metal roofs are made of a minimum of 25% recycled content.  And once you’re ready to remove your metal roof, it is a 100% recyclable, so none of it will go to waste.  Furthermore, many metal roofs can be installed right on top of your current roof, so you can keep your current roofing out of the landfill.


Did you know metal roofing is one-third to one-eighth as light as conventional shingle roofing?  This means you don’t have to have as many or as deep beams in your roof structure to hold the roof up.

Clean run-off

Sure metal roofs pitter-patter when it rains, but did you know that the run-off from metal roofs is the cleanest out of all the roofing materials?  You can imagine the oils and chemicals that come along for the ride with the rain water when you have conventional shingle roofing.  Clean run-off from your roof not only benefits your own property (especially if you’re harvesting your rain-water), but it’s better for your neighborhood, your city, and the planet.

So if you’re thinking of replacing your roof, seriously consider using a metal roof.  You’ll be helping your city with the Heat Island Effect, helping your pocket-book with the reduced utility bills and you won’t have to worry about it again for more than 30 years.

At Blooming Rock, we can help you choose a metal roof that

  • will make your home look great
  • will fit in with your neighborhood
  • that is easily installed on your current roof structure
  • that will qualify for the Federal Tax Credit
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  3. Thanks for helping me learn more about metal roofs. I actually didn’t know that 25% of the roof is made or recycled content. It’s good to know that materials like metal are still being put to good use while they are still in great condition.

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