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Tweet Bryan White, sitting in his back yard urban farm with his chicken Polka Dottie Bryan White is an architect gone wild.  He and his wife Miro are the owners of an urban farm in the back yard of their home on Osborn and 24th St., in the heart of the city, called Green House Farm.  I visited Bryan a while back to interview him and I have to tell you, it was the most pleasant interview I’ve done as of yet. We sat in his back yard, a mini farm, enjoyed the gentle breeze of the spring afternoon, watched…

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May 02, 2011


by: Keith Mulvin

Tweet Today’s post is by Keith Mulvin.  I love it when Keith’s kind, smiling face greets me at the Phoenix Public Market and when I run into him at various local events, coffee shops and other hangouts. Keith G. Mulvin was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona and now lives in Phoenix, Arizona.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning from the School of Design at Arizona State University.  He currently works at the Phoenix Public Market. Keith is dedicated to Phoenix and is being the change he wants to see, with a coffee cup in his hand….

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April 20, 2011

At Stake: The Magic of Lux Coffee Bar

by: Taz Loomans

Tweet As you might know, Lux Coffee Bar is my “office” and hang out. I go there almost every morning to work and some times to relax. There are lots of great coffee shops in Central Phoenix, but I choose Lux as my home away from home because it has a certain unique energy to it. It’s not clean or pristine, it’s usually crowded and there isn’t much space to sit, if you’re lucky enough to find a seat. But this particular set of circumstances gives Lux a je ne sais quois appeal, not unlike a messy, busy, crowded city….

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Tweet Last week my friend Kevin Kellogg, the urban laureate at the Stardust Center, and I needed to find a place that was showing the World Cup semi-final match between the Netherlands and Uruguay. I was, as usual, officing out of Lux Coffee Bar that morning.  Kevin suggested we watch the match at George & Dragon (G & D), the British pub on Central north of Indian School.  It’s a classic venue to watch the World Cup. It occurred to me that Lux was close enough to G & D to walk!  I know this should not have been such…

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