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October 18, 2011

Win 2 Tickets to the 2011 Grand Avenue ReDapt Tours!

by: Taz Loomans

Tweet I am a big fan of Grand Avenue, it’s biggest proponent – Beatrice Moore,  and all the artists and small businesses that choose to be on this great, mysterious, sometimes sketchy, yet always fascinating and fun diagonal avenue of Phoenix. What gives Grand Avenue it’s edge is that it’s hub for talented artists, architects, crafts people, and a number of other unique and funky small businesses AND it’s a hub for homeless people, up to no good teenagers and other people with questionable intentions. So, it’s a mix. But don’t be scared off by the dark side of Grand,…

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Tweet Below is the second half of my interview with Feliciano Vera, partner at Habitat Metro, the development company behind Portland Place, The Oasis Motel redevelopment and now the Lexington Hotel redevelopment.  If you missed the first half, make sure to catch it here! Blooming Rock: How has the economy impacted you? I know Habitat Metro started in 2007 when everything was flying high. How has it changed you? Feliciano Vera: It’s reinforced our discipline in terms of our basic business discipline and our focus on opportunities and work that passes basic economic muster. We have to be able to…

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Tweet This Saturday the 25th is going to be the 2nd Annual Grand Avenue Festival hosted by the Grand Avenue Merchants Association (GAMA).  Two women in particular have been the heavies behind putting this event together, Beatrice Moore and Kate Benjamin.  Beatrice owns nine buildings on Grand and Kate has her studio, ModernCat Studio, in one of Beatrice’s buildings, the old Braggs Pie Factory. Both are active members of GAMA. I had the chance to sit and talk with Beatrice this Saturday at her Kooky Krafts Shop.  I’ll let you in on a secret about her.  Beatrice’s unwavering commitment to…

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