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September 14, 2010

Cancer Survivor’s Park – Activated!

by: Taz Loomans

Tweet This morning I’m working at Giant Coffee and enjoying the view of the green-gray Phoenix Art Museum in the background, the CVS sign which is thankfully draped over by a beautiful Palo Brea tree, and of course integral to the Phoenix landscape, the cars zipping by, silently.  I noticed a little while ago a coffee drinker stepped outside and sat on a bench at the Cancer Survivor’s Park.  And it occured to me, well, isn’t that wonderful?  Having the lovely Cancer Survivor’s Park right out there to be enjoyed by us coffee drinkers when we need to make a…

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Tweet Last week I went to the Cezanne exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum with my friend Sue Weil.  We planned to eat dinner at Cheuvront’s beforehand, stop at Giant for coffee and dessert, then head over to the museum, all without a car.  This is a perfect example of a walkable node in our city.  We were able to make a nice evening out of this little spot in Phoenix without having to drive to every destination. This walkable node was hand-stitched by me and Sue because we’re in the know that both Cheuvront’s and Giant are within walking…

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Tweet Today, at the Burton Barr Library, I attended one of the most beautiful events that I’ve ever been to anywhere. The Summer Solstice event at the library celebrates the wonderful moment in the year marking the beginning of summer.  It’s celebrated all over the world in different ways, but in Phoenix, we commemorate it through a wonderous piece of architecture. Wendell Burnette, the architect on the building along with Will Bruder, led the solstice ceremony, explaining how the sun spot on the round skylight hits the candlestick columns at precisely the point where it lights all four sides. At…

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