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September 10, 2013

Phoenix is Making Way for Bicyclists

by: Paul Loomans

Tweet Today’s post is by guest writer Paul Loomans. Paul was raised in a small town in Wisconsin and got his  MBA at UW-Madison.  He helped design new products for John Deere in the Midwest and then moved to Phoenix in 1998.  Paul is a LEED accredited marketing and development professional , with a focus on community and seniors.  He serves on the Administrative and Strategic Planning Committee and the Research and Legislative Committee of the Phoenix Spokes People, a bike advocacy organization. He is car-free, relying mostly on his bike and transit to get around town and he wants to help build…

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November 07, 2011

Car-free in Phoenix? Impossible! (well, not really)

by: Eddie Jensen

Tweet Today’s post is by my friend and fellow central Phoenix advocate Edward Jensen. Having lived and learned in central Phoenix for the past decade, Edward Jensen is a midtown Phoenix resident and an advocate for alternative transportation. He is on the Downtown Voices Coalition’s Steering Committee where he works to advance bicycling and alternative transportation. A 2011 alumnus of ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus, he is presently a technology and IT consultant for his new firm, Downtown Technology Company. His blog is, he is on Twitter at @edwardjensen and has a Facebook page at Imagine not having a car in Phoenix. It…

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