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Tweet 1.  How Stardust Building Supplies got started: The stars aligned and two guys who had the same idea at the same time came together and went for it.  The first guy, an investment banker, saw his neighbor remodeling his home.  He noticed that his neighbor was tossing perfectly good cabinets in the dumpster.  When he was driving out and about, through poorer neighborhoods, he thought, what a shame, these people could really have used those cabinets! The second guy was demolishing his house to build a new one.  The day he and his wife were moving out, their maid…

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October 26, 2010

Small Steps Towards a Sustainable Remodel

by: Taz Loomans

Tweet A few months ago, when the rental unit at the Blooming Rock duplex 3 Palms became available, I got a call from a woman named Theresa who was very interested in the place.  But she stipulated that she needed the lease to be on a month-to-month basis because she was moving here from Chicago and wanted to buy a house for the long term, instead of renting.  Normally I wouldn’t entertain the idea of a month-to-month lease, but I was intrigued when she told me that she just got a tenured position at a university in a very interesting…

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Tweet I was very excited when I got invited to an open house by Sunday Studio a couple of weeks ago to check out the eco-flip they did on McKinley and 16th St. in the Garfield Neighborhood.  The photo of the end product was gorgeous and it intrigued me.  I was duly impressed when I got a tour, it was a house that any downtown resident would be proud to call their home.  When I saw the slide-show of the before and after pictures of the house, I knew we had a visionary on our hands, a person who cared…

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