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May 11, 2011

APS Shade Tree Program!

by: Doreen Pollack

Tweet My friend Doreen Pollack, who is the Garden Goddess, an expert in community and residential gardens and someone who serves on the board of the Valley Permaculture Guild, now is coordinating the APS Shade Tree Program.  When she told me that you could get up to 3 shade trees FOR FREE from APS, I wanted to hear more and I thought you would too!  So she crafted this small announcement about the program. Planting shade trees in your yard can save you up to $50 per year on your energy bill by blocking the sun’s rays and reducing your…

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April 11, 2011

A Different View on Shade

by: Mick Dalrymple

Tweet Today’s post is by Mick Dalrymple giving us multiple, holistic strategies to protect ourselves and our buildings from the upcoming summer heat! Mick Dalrymple, MIM, MBA, LEED AP BD+C and HOMES, BPI is the ASU project manager for Energize Phoenix, a $25MM federally-funded program to upgrade the downtown Phoenix core for significant energy efficiency savings. Dalrymple launched into the green building and sustainability movement in 2001 as a pro-active response to U.S. national security and energy supply issues. He co-founded the Arizona Chapter of the US Green Building Council and recently completed two terms on the national board. His…

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January 17, 2011

Arizona Centennial Plans for Washington Street

by: Taz Loomans

Tweet Arizona’s birthday is just around the corner. On February 14, our state will be turning 99.  Next year, we’ll be celebrating a huge birthday, the Centennial.  With the down economy, all the bad press our state has been getting for SB1070 and most recently the shocking attacks in Tucson, many say that the Centennial is coming at a bad time.  But Karen Churchard, the Executive Director of the Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation, says it’s perfect timing.  She believes that this is indeed the perfect time to celebrate the Arizona we love through Centennial celebrations which are already underway. I…

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Tweet Last week, in the third installment of the series on the Tree and Shade Masterplan, I promised to talk about steps 2 and 3 in the implementation of the plan.  But I’ll talk about those things next Wednesday and this is why:  just a few hours ago I had lunch with the authors of the marvelous Tree and Shade Masterplan – Ken Vonderscher, Richard v-C Adkins, and Lysistrata Hall – and I learned so much from them that I wanted to share it with you today, while it’s fresh on my mind.  Ken, Richard and Lysistrata all work for…

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Tweet Yesterday, I posted this quote on the Blooming Rock Facebook Fan Page: ‎“One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade.” – Clarence Darrow and I learned from Jo Marie McDonald, vice president of the Phoenix Community Alliance, that there is actually a Tree and Shade Master Plan in place for the City of Phoenix.  The first step of this Master Plan is to raise awareness.  To help with this, every Wednesday for the next month, I’ll be featuring parts of this document on the Blooming Rock blog.  With the crippling budget cuts, the City is too understaffed and…

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