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October 11, 2011

Castaway House Begins Construction

by: Taz Loomans

Tweet I am happy to announce that the Castaway House, a project that I’m working on with The Ranch Mine, Jeremy Stapleton and RC Green Builders, began construction last week! I am also proud to say that it is the very first project to get permitted through the Phoenix Green Construction Code which is a voluntary program recently adopted by the City of Phoenix that aims to take a holistic approach to rating sustainable projects. I’ll be posting updates on the construction to keep you posted on the progress. Here’s what’s happening on site right now: Demo: All the existing…

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Tweet Recently I’ve met a few really talented architecture graduates that haven’t been able to find a job at a firm due to the depressed economy.  This may sound like an unfortunate thing, but it turns out that these brilliant graduates are making a much bigger difference right out of school then they ever could have if they just found a job at an architecture firm. An example of a very talented architecture graduate I’ve gotten to know this year is Cavin Costello.  He is a Master of Architecture graduate from Northeastern University in Boston and he came out to…

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Tweet Architects have a reputation for spending their client’s money to live out their design fantasies.  Admittedly, there’s a reason for this reputation.  It happens. This is a big problem and it’s one we in the design industry need to address.  This reputation has led to our marginalization.  No wonder architects have little clout when it comes to convincing municipalities or developers to build smarter, better, efficient developments that work well. People with money who want to build something have lost faith that architects will spend their money wisely.  This is only because it’s true for the most part.  Many…

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