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December 18, 2012

Is Boosterism Good for Phoenix?

by: Taz Loomans

Tweet Boosterism: The enthusiastic promotion of a person, organization, or cause (in this case of a city) If you don’t have only good things to say about Phoenix and you purport to be an activist, you might be considered cynical or worse, a hypocrite, lazy or ineffective. But I think boosterism is dangerous to the progress of Phoenix because it leads to delusion, which may feel good now but isn’t conducive to moving forward. Knowing where you are now is the first step to making constructive change. The same goes for Phoenix. We have to know where we are now,…

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Tweet Today’s post is by Blooming Rock contributing writer Will Novak: With the Phoenix Mayoral elections coming up in the fall and debates happening around town between the candidates, one begins to ponder about Phoenix City Government. The vast majority of Phoenicians don’t bother to vote for Mayor, perhaps in part due to the fact that currently the Mayor of Phoenix is little more than a glorified Council Member. Now is the time to consider switching our City Government to a system that will allow for a bold Mayor with great vision to lead Phoenix. Phoenix’s current system of City…

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