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October 25, 2013

Take the Mesa Artspace Survey!

by: David Crummey

Tweet Today’s article is by guest writer David Crummey: Arts. Artists. Creativity. Beauty. The way we move. The heart of a city. The physical infrastructure of a city’s soul. Art imbues our very selves; how we commune, how we interact, and how we build our cities. Ensuring that art has a table in our conversations, in our thoughts; assuring that we keep art — beauty — close to us as we take each step into the future, it is that which will make our cities grand. I know this isn’t the the forum to expound upon why art is important,…

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Tweet Today’s post is by David Crummey. David Crummey is a Mesa resident with a strong passion for walkable urbanism, public transportation, local businesses and economic development. He studied Urban & Environmental Planning at Arizona State University as a graduate student. Currently, David works at a small charter school near Mesa’s downtown, making sure teachers get paid, kids get fed, grants get filed, computers turn on, data gets sorted and interpreted, and pencils get ordered. He hosted the 2011 Jane Jacobs Walk in downtown Mesa, as well as helped found Lo-Fi Forums, a monthly, quieter, more interactive TED-style salon at…

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