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November 30, 2010

Hedonistic Travel: The Pleasures of Carlessness

by: Sarah Davies

Tweet Today’s post is by Sarah Davies, who’s visiting Phoenix for about a year or so from the UK as a researcher at ASU.  I first met Sarah at Critical Mass and we exchanged a few friendly words while trying to ride two abreast and to avoid the nearby speeding vehicles and falling in the gutter.  During our short and understandably distracted conversation, I found out Sarah doesn’t have a car, she lives in Downtown and works at the ASU Main Campus.  Intrigued, we followed up our brief riding encounter with a coffee at Lux a few weeks later.  It…

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Tweet When I asked Mayor Phil Gordon at a community breakfast a year ago about the lack of bike lanes in Phoenix, he told me bikers should use the canals.  Really Mayor?  That’s your answer to why we have almost no infrastructure in place for bikes in this city?  What if bikers want to use the roads, like everyone else?  What if the canals don’t take people where they need to go? Biking has been flagrantly dismissed as a viable mode of transportation by our city ever since its modernization.  Finally there’s an event in town that takes a stand…

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