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January 12, 2011

Play It Again…and Again

by: Taz Loomans

Tweet I’ve been in the middle of reshuffling my office, making it more comfortable so I will actually work in there.  Up until now, the office has really been a magnet for random storage.  It also housed our workout equipment, including our elliptical trainer.  Today, we successfully resold our elliptical trainer to a buyer for Play It Again Sports, who saw our ad on craigslist.  Play It Again will in turn resell it to somebody out there who’s made a new years resolution to exercise more this year. When my husband Paul and I were first engaged, we were looking…

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Tweet Wood warps, bulges, fades, peels, molds and eventually looks like hell here in Phoenix with our brutal summers. Plus it’s constantly expanding and contracting with the weather changes, causing all sorts of structural trouble. Here’s why Trex is way better than wood if you’re thinking of building an outdoor deck or a patio trellis: 1. Trex is made out of 95% recycled materials. It’s a composite material made from plastic shopping bags, reclaimed wood and sawdust. Trex hasn’t cut down a single tree during the entire lifetime of their business. Trex is an excellent example of “upcycling”, a word…

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