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Tweet As you may know, Paul and I moved to Red Mountain, which is just outside the Woodlea Historic Neighborhood, about three weeks ago. We used to live at 3 Palms, in the Avalon neighborhood, between Osborn and Thomas near 16th Street. When we first decided to buy Red Mountain, I knew we’d be a lot closer to my office – Lux Coffeebar. But I didn’t realize how close we’d be to other stuff that we like too. We have one car between the two of us and most days Paul takes it to work. So I have to navigate…

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Tweet About three weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Deputy Attorney General Greg Stanton and talking with him about a sustainable Phoenix, not only in the environmental sense, but in the economic sense as well.  Mr. Stanton is currently working for Attorney General Terry Goddard and is working in support of Mr. Goddard’s gubernatorial race.  But he is also seriously thinking about running for Mayor in 2011.  Today’s post features Mr. Stanton’s positions on economic development, City North and future growth in Phoenix, among some other things.  Stay tuned for the rest of the interview in…

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July 07, 2009

Street Presence

by: Taz Loomans

Tweet How many times have you driven around in neighborhoods that are not quite there yet and when you see a unique and well-kept home you know that things will turn around in that neighborhood?  At Blooming Rock, our goal is to positively impact the neighborhood we develop in.  One of the most effective ways to do that is to improve the street presence of the home.  We believe that improving even one home on a street will encourage better maintenance and general improvement of the other homes on that street and as one street gets better, the surrounding ones…

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