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Today’s post is by contributing writer Nichole ReberAfter four years of traveling the globe Nichole has repatriated to Phoenix. There she is following her two passions: writing and the built environment. During the day she does marketing communications, social media, and journalism for those in AEC. At night she’s at work on her first book, a travel memoir about deportation, near kidnappings, hospitalizations, and the harsh realities behind travel’s glamour. Find her on her literary blog, and check out her portfolio.

Leslie Lindo doesn’t see sustainability as just a buzzword. She sees it as a means to a better community.

Working for a national production housing company at the height of the real estate boom, she was told sustainability was a hypertrend. But Lindo isn’t one to take no for an answer. Reading and researching about sustainability wasn’t enough; she wanted to commit to it. So, she used her drive and creativity, and her skills at building alliances, and with co-founder Ben Montclair, she formed two organizations: Ikoloji (pronounced ecology) and Project Rising.

Ikoloji brings together professionals from across industry sectors who share resources and skills to bring more sustainable practices to every business. The nonprofit Project Rising unites community activists, experts in the built environment, municipal leaders, and ecology and sustainability gurus to create sustainable in-fill projects.

In this podcast, Nichole talks with Lindo about

Listen here (apologies for the Beach Boys background muzac playing at Cartel that day).

Watch this PBS video featuring Lindo’s discussion on green schools. Learn more about Ikoloji on here.

Interested in the Sustainable Buildings Advisory certification? Contact Lindo to join her class,

Lindo recommends these resources:

Fritjof Capra, an ecoliteracy expert  

The Discovery Triangle, a multi-city urban redevelopment initiative

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