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  1. Kerry says:

    Oh geez, maintenance is what always killed me when I had a car. Now I figure if I pay less than say $250 a month (in a really, really, expensive month–usually it’s much lower) for Zipcar, taxis, or grocery delivery, I come out far ahead.

    Even a nice bike is what–$1200 versus $15,000 for a car? And that’s if you’re a serious bicyclist and would pay for that. Plenty around for less.

    You didn’t mention scooters though! A scooter will be my resort if I have to get a vehicle of some kind and can’t rely on public transportation.

    • Taz Loomans says:

      Yep Kerry, even Zip cars, taxis and public transportation don’t add up to what it costs to own car. Hmm, my husband Paul talks about getting a scooter if we go carless. Too bad scooters aren’t allowed on the canals though!

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