In this update:

I. Claire walks us through the multiple considerations that go into every decision

II.The idea of a triple bottom line approach

III. An illustration of the stack ventilation concept created by Cavin

I. Claire at the Site


II. The Triple Bottom Line Approach

Claire talked about the multiple benefits of keeping the existing wood roof structure of this 1950s house and actually exposing it as a vaulted ceiling in the remodel.  We try to use the triple bottom line to make most of the decisions at Castaway House.  In the case of the existing roof structure, the triple bottom line was design, budget and energy efficiency.  In other cases, such as in design decisions having to do with kitchen cabinetry, it may be flexibility, universal design and recycled materials.

The point is, at the Castaway House, we’re not just looking at the typical bottom line – the budget.  We’re looking to cultivate multiple benefits from everything we do.

III.  Stack Ventilation Illustration

One of the benefits we get from exposing the existing roof structure instead of building a dropped ceiling is that it affords us a high vaulted space.  Not only is this good in terms of the every day experience of the people who will be living there, but it provides an opportunity to put in place stack ventilation – an ancient passive cooling strategy explained below.

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5 Responses

  1. Will Novak says:

    very cool, I love the exposed roof beam look. That diagram was very helpful too in helping a non architect like me understand the concept, thanks! 😀

  2. Wayne says:

    I have used this a number of times…..it is very effective and beats the noise of fans for a long period of time in Phoenix.

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