May 27, 2009


by: Taz Loomans

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This is what the back wall of the kitchen used to look like.  Missing window pane, ugly vinyl tile flooring, old beat-up door, and warped laminate countertop.

This is what it looks like now.  We replaced the window pane, added a new steel door, replaced the old baseboard and door frame, replaced the old laminate counter top with a new IKEA countertop and best of all – that ugly vinyl flooring is now a beautiful gray laminate floating floor.

The original kitchen…

The new kitchen…We added a new tile backsplash, new sink and new faucet along with the new counter top.  Look at those beautiful cabinets!  We just used clear varnish to bring out their original luster.  We also painted the handles silver to tie all the silver accents and appliances together.  The cabinets are extremely high quality and well built from the 60s.  They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

This is the original bathroom, wall-hung sink, the original mirror and light, old toilet and that ugly vinyl flooring again.

We painted the whole bathroom a soothing spa-like green, replaced the mirror with a wood framed mirror, replaced the large light with a small sconce, added a steel medicine cabinet.  We also replaced the wall-hung sink with a pedestal sink and a WaterSense low-flow faucet and a WaterSense super low-flow toilet.  Nice.

The old bedroom looked like this…Old baseboard, old ceiling fan and faded concrete floor.  Although, we are grateful that this unit’s original concrete floors were not covered up with something else like the other unit of this duplex.

We cleaned up and modernized the bedroom by adding some color, replaced the old baseboard with some nice new painted mdf planks, and replaced the bulky ceiling fan with a sleek energy-star light fixture.  Plus we were able to rejuvenate the beautiful concrete floors.

The original living room…

We replaced the entry door with a steel glass door to let in more light and to modernize the space.  We got rid of the unsightly security doors that give the wrong message to the neighborhood.  We added color and are providing curtain rods and hardware for the tenants.

Stay tuned for the exterior transformation of 3 Palms!

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